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Available as a classroom course or in-house delivery

This course teaches participants about the process of good risk assessments, as well as how and when to perform them. Ensuring that workplace risks are anticipated and reduced as much as possible. It will also enable participants to understand the benefits of comprehensive Risk Assessments and comply with legislation. 

Course Content

  • What is a Risk Assessment

  • Why conduct a Risk Assessment

  • Legal requirements

  • How to complete a Risk Assessment

  • Remaining compliant

Courses Benefits​

  • Participants gain an understanding of the importance of Risk Assessment and the legal implications associated with it

  • The courses demonstrate how to complete a Risk Assessment

  • By anticipating risk, it could reduce the amount of incidents

Business Benefits

  • Investing in safety training ensures employees are trained on how to anticipate workplace risk, which could prevent an accident from occurring

  • Boosts confidence throughout the workforce by knowing that someone is trained

  • Flexibility – The course can be adapted to meet your business needs

  • Improved safety awareness culture

  • Employee appreciation of safety matters


½ day

All participants who successfully complete this course will be awarded a Mobius certificate of training

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Risk Assessment: Courses & Programs
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