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Our Experts are Here to Help

Are you an organisation wondering how to ensure you're business is legally compliant with safety and health?

Would you find it easier if someone could mange the situation for you by assessing how you are complying, develop an action plan and help you implement it?

If the answer is yes then look no further. MOBIUS is here to offer you a solution. 

Our renowned Health and Safety consultancy service is in line with ISO and is provided to you by Health and Safety professionals with a wealth of experience. 

We can conduct a full review of your Health and Safety performance and systems, this will help to identify:

  • What's working well 

  • What needs minor amendments 

  • What's missing

From the information gathered we will work the management team and employees to create a Health and Safety strategy that will deliver results, is aligned to your business objectives and that makes a difference to the organisation.

 We work globally ensuring that knowledge and experience is relevant to the country you are operating in therefore you are legally compliant as well as ensuring that we service you efficiently at minimum costs.

Our Consultancy service includes:

*Risk assessment and effective control strategies

*Audit and Assurance 

*Health and Safety Inspections

*Management system audits against ISO standards

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