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Why do some organisations see Health, Safety and Wellbeing as a cost rather than an investment?

Ernest Debenham set up a self-sufficient agricultural enterprise in 1929. As part of the development he built several houses in the village of Briantspuddle in Dorset to accommodate the 600 plus estate workers. He understood that if workers were looked after well it would increase productivity.

Fast forward to more recent times the International Social Security Association (ISSA) say that for every 1 euro invested in safety and health there is a 120% return on investment.

The concept of investing in workers health, safety and wellbeing has been around for well over 100 years and is proven by ISSA to give significant results back, however many organisations still see health and safety as a cost rather than an investment, what’s your thoughts?

We think that businesses should adapt to a changing world of work by taking a beyond compliance approach and embed safety, health and wellbeing in its culture and strategic direction.

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