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Available as a classroom course or in-house delivery

This course gives participants knowledge on how to successfully deliver basic emergency first aid in the workplace. They will have a greater understanding of the theoretical and practical application of basic first aid awareness in the workplace and at home. The course includes how to respond and give basic treatment in key areas such as basic life support, resuscitation, unconscious casualty management, choking, bleeding and burns.

Course Content

  • Role of the first aider

  • First aid legislation

  • Assessing emergency situations successfully

  • Prevention of cross infection

  • First aid treatments

  • How to record incidents and actions

Courses Benefits​

  • Understand the role of a first aider

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of basic first aid treatments

  • Teaches how to provide appropriate care until emergency services arrive

  • This training could have the potential to save lives

Business Benefits

  • Creates confidence in the workplace that the safety and wellbeing of all employees is a priority

  • Peace of mind that employees are trained to deal with basic emergency situations and could save lives

  • Flexibility – The course can be adapted to meet your business needs

  • Employee appreciation of safety matters

  • Ensures you are compliant with current legislation


½ day

All participants who successfully complete this course will be awarded a Mobius certificate of training

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